Dr. Laura Astolfi


Dr Laura Astolfi received her MD in Electronic Engineering from University of Rome in 2003 and her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from University of Bologna in 2007. She is currently an appointed Researcher at the Department of Computer Science and Systems of University of Rome “Sapienza” and at Fondazione Santa Lucia Hospital, Rome, Italy. She is Author of 73 papers published in international peer-reviewed Journal indexed in MEDLINE, of 3 books and of more than 80 contributions to International Conferences and Schools. Her h-index is 13. She has served as Guest Editor for International Journals like the Journal of Physiology-Paris and Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience and is currently an Associate Editor for the International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism and for the “Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering” track of the IEEE annual Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Conference (2010, 2011). She received several national and international awards for her scientific activity, among which the Best Under-40 Researcher Award at Sapienza University in 2010, the Trainee Travel Award by the Human Brain Mapping Society in 2011, the Young Investigator Competition by the ISBET Society in 2009, the Best Thesis Award by the Italian Society for Biomedical Engineering in 2008, the Young Investigator Award by the Brain Connectivity Society in 2006, the Young Investigator Award by the International Society for Functional Source Imaging in 2005. Her research include functional connectivity, high resolution EEG source reconstruction, simultaneous recordings from multiple subjects (hyperscanning), consciousness, cognition and social Neuroscience.

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