Join us at FET09, Prague, April 21-23 2009!

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FET09 (21-23 April 09, Prague) is co-organised by the European Commission´s Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) scheme, the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Czech Technical University. The conference has been established to provide the wider future and emerging technologies research community with the opportunity to reflect together on future challenges, to engage in focused debate, and to understand and to help to create what is ahead of us. It will also provide us with the opportunity to bring together young and established scientists from many disciplines, to reach out to policy makers and other stakeholders in frontier research, to reflect on our past achievements, and to explain to the specialised media and the general public the value of our work. This is what FET09 is all about.   And HIVE and Starlab will be there.

HIVE is supported by the European Commission under the Future and Emerging Technologies program.

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