HIVE PM2 Lisbon, March 11-13 2009


The second HIVE Project Meeting took place in Lisbon March 11-13 2009, efficiently hosted by FFCUL/IBEB.

The meeting was very intense and stimulating to all participants (NSERM, FFCUL,UPO,  NKUA, BU, CHARITE and STARLAB), who bravely combined three days of 10 hour long sessions together with beautiful night excursions to Lisbon's nightlife. The discussion spanned current propagation models, single and multiple cell effects, in vivo experimental aspects, therapy and communication aspects. All experimental plans are now significantly advanced and mostly on schedule, with the first experimental work due to start in the next couple of months.

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HIVE is supported by the European Commission under the Future and Emerging Technologies program.

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