HIVE website beta version just launched


HIVE web page beta version has just been launched. This is not the definitive version since many things will be improved, specially with regards to both style and content (currently very preliminary) and layout (just a provisional one), but it already has some nice functional features.

In addition to a  public dissemination part, it has a private zone restricted to the consortium members, who will be able to edit and publish part of the content. Some examples include:

This is the place to share Deliverables. Here you can create and edit your Deliverables as well as seeing their current state in the document workflow:
----> Workflow States: Draft -> Active -> Submitted -> Approved -> Public

To create a new Deliverable:  go to DOCUMENTS - DELIVERABLES and click on "Submit new Deliverable". Give it a title and a short abstract and upload the Deliverable file in "File Attachments". Its state will automatically be assigned to "DRAFT".

You can edit the Deliverable any time you want going to the Deliverable and clicking on "Edit". A new revision will be created, so you can go back to a previous version if needed.

When the Deliverable is ready, click on "Workflow" and change its state from "DRAFT" to "ACTIVE". The Project Coordinator will then receive a notification saying that the document is ready for revision.

You will also receive a notification email when your Deliverable upgrades from one workflow state to another: (SUBMITTED; APPROVED; PUBLIC). It will not be public until it reaches the PUBLIC state although it will be available for the HIVE consortium members.

This is just a file manager to share (upload/download) files with other members of the consortium. Please do not upload Deliverables here.

A wikipedia like utility. Add new entries or edit the current ones. A new revision will be created when you edit an entry.

HIVE is supported by the European Commission under the Future and Emerging Technologies program.

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